What If You Don’t Have a Professional Camera?

We have talked a lot about the importance of documenting your work and sharing it with people, but what if you don’t have a fancy DSLR camera to take stellar photos of your artwork? Well, it really doesn’t matter.

Just Use What You Have!

It may seem at first that in order to take great photos of your work, you need to have an expensive camera. However, that is not true. The fact of the matter is that camera technology has progressed so much over the last few years that even the most budget point and shoot cameras have very good image quality. Even your smartphone might have a camera that is more than capable of taking detailed, well-exposed shots. All you need is a digital camera or smartphone camera that has a manual mode to take very good photos of sculptures, be they outdoors or indoors.

There are things that expensive cameras do better, of course. For example, they have a much better dynamic range for outdoor shots, they have better high ISO performance, and the larger sensors help take more detailed shots. But your smartphone or point-and-shoot camera probably has enough features to let you work around the limitations.

For example, if you need better dynamic range, you can take multiple exposures and create an HDR image in an HDR photo editor. For lesser noise in dark environments, you can jump into your phone camera’s manual mode and use a slower shutter speed. Of course, all these workarounds will require you to spend some extra time and effort on each photo, but the point of this post is to make you understand that you can take great photos of your work even with your smartphone, provided you are willing to work a little to learn how camera settings work.