The hands which creates an eye-treat

The curves and finishing give life to stone and brings it into an original one which is loved by many people. There are many people worldwide who stand as a statue in front of many statues. The sculptures are breath taking because it involves a crucial art form of transferring nothing into one or something. Let us find what a sculpture means to us in detail.


It has been practiced since early days from Aurignac a culture which bloomed in Europe and south west part of Asia. The carving is form of art by shaping a metal or wood into a unique piece of art. The cave art only developed the sculpturing form. Each and every piece of sculpture is visual treat for all our eyes. Sculptures are made from various materials like

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Pottery

And so on. The sculpture has got an unimaginable creativity lying in his heads and they are perfectly delivered from his brain to hands. The sculptures are the representation of each culture. They show how the people of various periods lived together with love and lavishness.

Treasured possessions

Many sculptures are taken out from nook and corners of the world. They are art forms of human mind with specific details on them. Each sculpture makes some impact on mind. Some of the famous artworks are defined below

Bust of Nefertiti-1345 B.C

This one stands beautiful by exhibiting how beautiful the women were in early centuries. This has detail notes of jewelry worn on neck of the sculpture. It explains the clear beauty of Egyptian women. It was unearthed from Amarna city in 1912. Likewise there are many which will give you nice hints what to browse when you are free

  • Michelangalo, david, 1501-1504
  • Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Ecstasy of Saint Teresa 1647-1652
  • Pablo Picasso, Guitar

Sculptures have given a lot of part in history to explore as the iconic figures to represent the civilization of all forms.