How to Make a Glass Sculpture

Creating a glass sculpture is a process that is layered with multiple phases. You can’t just get pieces of glass and start making a sculpture out of them like you would do with clay or something similar. Here are the steps to making a glass sculpture explained briefly:

  1. Creating a Mold

First, you need to make whatever design your sculpture is going to be in clay. Once you have made the clay sculpture, move on to the next step which is to create a mold in rubber. Simply apply layers of liquid rubber on your masterpiece until it dries. Then take it all off and you’ll end up with a mold.

  1. Creating Another Mold

Multiple layers of molten wax are applied inside the rubber mold. They’re hardened and pulled out of the mold, essentially creating a wax sculpture. This wax sculpture is then put inside a wooden box, inside which plaster is poured. When this plaster hardens, the wax is melted out of it using something like a blowtorch. What you end up with at this point is a plaster mold which you will use to create your final glass sculpture.

  1. Moving on to Glass

Multiple pieces of glass are sorted out based on size and color. These are then very carefully placed in the mold depending on what kind of look and color is needed at what point of the design. This is a long process and needs to be done very carefully. The mold is filled up to three inches over its edges.

After this, this whole piece is placed inside an oven where the glass is heated at an immense temperature to melt it. It is then allowed to cool, a process which can take 4-5 days. Once completely hardened, the glass sculpture is taken out of the mold and finished off with tools like a filer.

After this, a wooden or metal base is created for the sculpture to stand or rest on, and that is how a final glass sculpture is made.