Don’t Ruin your Glass Sculpture by Cleaning the Wrong Way!

There is something quite alluring about an intricate, well-defined, clean, and pristine glass sculpture that few other things can mimic. The beauty of a blown glass piece of art is in its detailing and the time it takes to be formed. Being such a special kind of art, glass sculptures need to be taken care of the right way. You can’t just prop an expensive glass sculpture under the tap and clean it off. Here are a few things you should avoid while cleaning your piece of art:
Abrasive Cleaning Products: Even though your glass sculpture may seem sturdy and durable, you’d be surprised to find out how easy some kinds of glass are to scratch. Speaking of scratches, remember to never start rubbing your glass artworks if there are dust particles on it, as these are one of the biggest causes of scratching glass.
The Dishwasher: Glass sculptures, especially hand blown ones, can be sensitive to temperature changes. Therefore, it is important not to put them in your dishwasher as the water inside these can get very hot, leading the glass to crack quite easily.
Jewelry: If you are wearing any sort of jewelry on your hands while cleaning your sculptures, it would be wise to take it off. It’s not only diamonds that can scratch glass, rings and bracelets might also do that.
Make sure that you follow these tips while cleaning your glass sculptures so as to maintain their pristine look. Sometimes all you need to do to clean glass is to use a feather duster. In case of fingerprints or smudges on the glass, use some sprayed water and a soft cloth to wipe them off. May all your glass sculptures live long!